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March 2016

Hello World!

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on March 14, 2016

Hello! I’m a mom. But, I’m not just a mom. I’m a snot wiping, dish cleaning, suv driving, mac n’ cheese making 32 year old with a dog. It’s nice to meet you.
It is my attempt to use this blog to record my everyday madness. Some days will be full of excitement. Others, probably just a boo boo and a spilled juice box. It will be my sounding board for my stay at home mom adventures.

You will hear stories of the cutest little girl on the planet. I will tell you about how I’m sleep deprived because my two year old still sleeps in bed with us but I think it’s the best thing in the world. You will hear about how my hubby and I need more date nights. Basically, you’ll understand that I’m an overprotective mother with separation anxiety.

So I look forward to our journey together. Thanks for listening.