About the Task Mum

Posted on March 14, 2016

Hi, I’m Tesse, the Task Mum! I’m a former elementary teacher turned stay at home mom. To me, that’s the best job in the world! We live in a quiet little town with our pup Popo. 

While I love being a SAHM, I also love writing. Yes, I’m one of those people who secretly dream of being a published author. So, in order to encourage me to write I’m starting a blog. 

This blog is about a journey. It’s a journey of trial and error, self discovery, and honesty. Along for the ride is my toddler, BB, who has brand new eyes and  views the world with excitement and wonder. 

Together we will give you a humorous view of our boring little world. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find yourself smiling, relating, or connecting with us from wherever you might be.

So we welcome you on our journey. Let’s begin….