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5 Easy Ways to Deal With the Heat

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on June 2, 2016

Although it’s not officially summer, it sure feels like it’s already here. I don’t mean in the fun vacation sort of way. I mean because the temperature has been in the 90’s all week! I’ve been forced, out of necessity, to find my own cheap and easy ways to deal with the heat.

I know I’m in California and I shouldn’t be complaining, but no matter where you are, if it’s 95 and you don’t have AC, you’re going to be uncomfortable. That also means the whole family is hot, sweaty, and grumpy.

We moved into our house almost a year ago. Coming from a city where it tops at 80 degrees, we are still getting used to the 20 degree increase in temperature, and we were the crazy family that bought a place without AC. “We won’t need it that much,” we thought. Boy were we wrong.

When it’s this hot out, the house gets unbearably hot between the hours of 4:00-6:30. That’s when the sun is beating into our dining room and kitchen like a kid shining a magnifying glass over an ant.

So what do you do when your house feels like an oven and your skin sizzles when you go outside? You find ways to cool off of course! That means dishes go neglected because I’m too blinded by the sun to do them (oh well!) and the kid and I get the heck outta the house. Here are a few way I deal with the heat.

1. Find Air Conditioning Anywhere!

Seriously, anywhere. I go out and run errands to all the big box stores where it’s cool. We go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and stand in front of their fan department. We go to Michaels and run through the store to find some fun arts and crafts. Or, we go to Target and take our time walking through the aisles. Maybe I’ll do some grocery shopping. Like I said, if they have AC, we are there. Sure, I might spend a little more money then I’d like, but it’s worth every penny to be cool.

2. Find a Swimming Pool

There are lots of public pools in our area. Unfortunately they only offer public swim on the weekend. But, you can always phone a friend who has one and see if you can use it. Or, buy a cheap inflatable pool, put it in the shade, and fill it with cold watery goodness.

3. Go to a Museum

Luckily for us, there is a cute kids wildlife museum nearby so we get in our hot car and drive straight there. It’s entertaining for the kiddo, somewhat educational, and the best part? It’s got AC! Sometimes it has weird open hours so we always have to double check to make sure it’s open.

4. Get Ice Cream
Not only will the little one love it, but it’s a guarantee the ice cream shop has AC! We will go and sit in the shop with our cups of ice cream and enjoy the cool inside and out. You can’t top that!
5. Become a Coffee Shop Sitter

Sometimes during the weekdays it’s hard to find stuff that’s open. But one thing that’ll always be there for you is a coffee shop. I’ll just take the kiddo to Starbucks,  get her a mini Strawberry Banana smoothie and sit inside. I’ll bring some books or toys so that she will be entertained for a little bit while we escape the heat. Trust me, it’s perfect.

After the 6:30 cool down we are able to come back to our house. At that point it’s cooling off and there is more shade then scorching sun in the backyard. Our little girl can play outside in her clubhouse or I’ll set up the water table (and keep a close eye on her for safety) while I do the dishes or make dinner. We open all the windows in the house to let the hot air out and cool air in. Then it gets bearable.

But, boy oh boy it’s been hot and it’s not going to cool off anytime soon. So, I’ll be making a lot of trips to Starbucks. Frappachino anyone?

So now you know how I deal with the heat. How do you?